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 for its clients' tobacco products
Lauterbach & Associates, LLC (L&ALLC) provides the best in scientific & regulatory affairs (S&RA) services for the tobacco, e-vapor, & e-liquid industries. L&ALLC was founded in 2004 with the main business objective of providing S&RA services to the tobacco industry and its suppliers. We have been servicing the e-liquid and e-cigarette industries since 2008. Unlike others, we know and taste your product from the ground up and know It needs to taste good to sell.
L&ALLC is ready to help you meet current and expected FDA regulations. Academics here and abroad are looking for evidence to ban certain flavors because they may increase the risk of certain products such as some popular flavors of e-juice. Are your best selling flavors in danger of being banned? Ask us first so we can help you spot problems. Moreover, don't let the FDA ban your product because it is too attractive or consumers perceive it to be another tobacco product. L&ALLC is now affiliated with Neil Sherwood Consulting, experts in dealing with attractiveness and perception.
Don't let the FDA take away your flavors. Those using properly formulated flavors applied at reasonable levels should have nothing to fear. However, what is okay for one class of products, may be unsuitable for another. Moreover, some flavors are inherently unstable by themselves or when used on products. Do you know what is okay and what is not okay for your products? If not, please call Dr. John H. Lauterbach at +478-731-2966, for an immediate consultation. Still not convinced? Please see our webpage on Flavors